Shandon United



ACTS 2:21
Couples and Singles in 30s-50s. Bruner Building, 221.
Bible based discussion studies are led by volunteers from within the class. Social, family, and mission activities are an important part of this class. By adopting a family in need, the class has learned how much is received when giving.

Open to everyone. Bruner Building, Chapel.
Superb biblical teaching by Dr. David Shields, a distinguished USC professor. Relaxed lecture format, without the commitments expected in a Sunday school class. Each session is designed to stand-alone. Prayer requests are shared.

Couples in 30s-40s. Knox Building, 205.
Studies focus on applying scripture to contemporary living. Lessons are usually facilitated by class members and come from a variety of study books that everyone reads. Sharing family life and service projects is important to this active group.

Young Couples in 20s-30s. Knox Building, 214.
Offers opportunities to meet and grow together as couples and followers of Jesus Christ. For couples with and without children. Bible study around everyday concerns facing young couples today: marriage, starting a family, living as Christians in the workplace, etc. Members volunteer to facilitate and a team of regular guest teachers often lead. They stay in touch through e-mail and many social activities. Every fifth Sunday, they serve breakfast to the homeless.

Couples mostly in 40s-early 50s. Knox Building, 204.
Large class that thrives on lively, open-minded discussions and lectures on contemporary issues and short term topics. Active in many service projects, the class coordinates a consignment sale each fall for missions. Members are supportive in all areas of church life. Social events include a big party at Christmas and in the spring.

Couples and Singles in 50s+. Knox Building, 209.
Large class with a warm, friendly atmosphere. Class members describe themselves as “later middle years/multigenerational.” They use the Adult Bible Studies curriculum led by a team of class members. They participate regularly in mission work, have once-a-month dinners and other social events, and have a weekly informative and caring class e-mail.

Couples in 20s up to 40. Knox, 201.
Many in the class want to learn by facilitating the lessons that are pulled from the Bible or often a DVD based study. It’s comfortable for either spouse to come alone, when the other can’t. This circle of friends surrounds each other in good and hard times, as they grow together in faith. Fun is high priority and often includes their babies and young children. The class also makes time for a variety of service projects.

Young Couples in mid 20s-30s. Bruner Building, 216.
Focuses on being disciples of Christ through Bible-based studies with relevant messages for life today, service to others, and supporting each other through a strong fellowship community.

60s-70s. Bruner Building, 220.
Putting Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last is the foundation for this class of mostly professional men and women who strive to exemplify their name. Dr. Harvey Allen, their long-time teacher, teaches toward this goal. Mission oriented, members give generously of their gifts and themselves with projects supporting Haiti, Mexico, Bosnia and Habitat for Humanity. They enjoy social activities and to keep connected, a weekly email goes out to this large class of over80 members.

Couples and Singles in 30s-50s. Knox Building, 204.
Thought provoking and st8mulating discussions led by Steve Carter. Contemporary issues and short-term studies that introduce diverse approaches to biblical study. A mission-minded class involved with many service projects. They also enjoy many fun social activities. Attendance often soars to 35-40.

Couples and Singles in 30s-70s. Bruner Building, 224.
Explorers who are accepting of any questions raised about belief and faith. Class members generate open-minded discussions that welcome a wide range of interpretations. This warm, friendly group supports many mission endeavors and examples of social activities are picnics, progressive dinners, lake parties, and sit-down meals in class.

Couples and Singles in late 30s-40s. Bruner Building, 223.
Some have children. Some aren’t married. What people do during the week is equally as diverse. The variety appeals! Class members and guest teachers generate great discussions: e.g. David Hudgens on Making Sense of God’s Will, John Meyers’ on Biblical studies. Great interest in service projects that brighten the lives of those who may have been forgotten. A new class and very friendly!

65+. Bruner Building, Wesley Hall
Knows the long history of Shandon, through experience. They are a warm group of men and women who care for one another and the congregation. A team of rotating guest teachers gives lectures from the Adult Bible Studies curriculum. Join them for fellowship, cake, and coffee before class