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Care Team members “do what they love when they can.” One team member may like to cook and may volunteer to take a meal to the care receiver once a week for the next month. Another team member may like yard work and volunteer to rake leaves once during the next month. Another member may be skilled in finance and volunteer to help the care receiver with budget planning. Another team member may have the gift of hospitality and volunteer to visit twice during the coming month.

The Care Team cannot meet all the needs, but will meet the most important needs. The team leader chairs the monthly meeting, keeps the team on track, makes out the calendar for the coming month, and is the resource person for the care receiver. Parish Nurse, Nancy Reynolds, serves as the coach for the team and will help secure resource persons or speakers for the Care Team meeting. Each meeting lasts 59 minutes! Business is conducted efficiently to be respectful of everyone's time constraints.

As the Care Team works together over months, they get to know each other, value each other and bond with each other. They learn how caring for others blesses themselves.

Each Care Team member must complete a three-hour training session before participating as a volunteer. If you’re interested in becoming a Care Team member, contact Nancy Reynolds at 254-4067.