Shandon United


Hear from a Care Team Member

Being part of a Care Team is so very rewarding! It’s amazing to me that something as simple as taking out the trash, sweeping the sidewalk, changing a light bulb, taking a meal, making a phone call, sending a card or just sitting down for a chat can such make a difference to someone!

Our Care Team is composed of five members and is strongly supported by our parish nurse, Nancy Reynolds and our minister, Josh McClendon. Our Care Team members are all very different – married, not married, male, female, full-time career people, retired or stay-at-homers – but very much alike in that we all want to help out a friend in need. As Care Team Leader, I have found that each member brings a variety of strengths and ideas to the group. One may be an expert with finances while another may have a green thumb. We meet once a month for 59 minutes or less, discussing our Care Friend’s needs, accessing the past month and setting goals for the upcoming month. Our team has found that we compliment and depend on each other while we share the joys and excitement of helping our Care Friend regain independence.

If you have just a little time on your hands and enjoy “doing for others,” then consider becoming a Care Team member.

-Susan Salley