Shandon United



Mission Statement: The mission of the library at Shandon is to provide a variety of enriching materials that support the church’s educational ministry and relate to religion and Christian living.

Using the Patsy McIntosh Library:

  • Located the top floor of the Bruner Building.
  • Open anytime the church is open.
  • Books are classified in the Dewey Decimal System and can be easily located through author, title, subject, and keyword searches. Follow the simple instructions by the computer or refer to the inventory print out.
  • Check out at the desk. Leave a Check-Out Card in the box (confidential). Use a Reminder Bookmark. Honor system. Just follow the simple instructions by the computer.
  • Checkout materials for up to three weeks. Five children’s items per family and no limit on adult materials. Renew one time per item.
  • Returns on the shelf in front of the desk.
  • For help or training, contact Lesli Wood at, or
    256-8383, ext. 108.
  • Reserve the library for meetings through Jennifer Cox at or 256-8383, ext. 101. No group meetings on Sunday mornings.
  • Food and drinks are discouraged.
  • UMW books are shelved with the regular inventory. Spine stickers indicate the
  • Reading List category and year (past 5 years). Reading Lists will be displayed.
  • Donations (Books, DVDs, CDs): Please leave materials in an Education staff person’s office, rather than the library. To make a memorial or financial donation, contact Lesli Wood at or 256-8383, ext. 108.