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Our classrooms are set up in carefully planned centers designed to stimulate and provide opportunities for social interaction, problem solving and language development. We believe that play is a young child’s work and natural way of learning. Above all, we believe that young children need to experience that they are loved, valued and enjoyed.

The curriculum of Shandon Preschool and Kindergarten is based upon developmentally appropriate practices. Within the classrooms, these practices are fostered through the use of learning centers that allow children to have choices and actively explore. Children learn by interacting with people and things in their environment and staff/child interactions along with appropriate materials are important to a child‘s growth and development.

Planning for the classroom involves consideration to the age appropriateness of the group and the individual needs of each child. Our core curriculum is a blend of The Creative Curriculum and Sticky Fingers, Smiling Faces, and God, a guide for Christian education with young children.

Assessment is an important part of the curriculum. Portfolios for each student contain developmental checklists, work samples and anecdotal records that assist teachers in preparing and planning for the individual growth and needs of each child.





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